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a.MKE The List: City Hall Repairs & Be a Super Reader: Today's Top Stories.

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Starting tomorrow, the State Department of Transportation will host a series of six public meetings to talk about the planned conversion of U.S. Highway 41. State officials are hoping to turn Highway 41 into an interstate from Milwaukee to Green Bay, and it’s possible that the new interstate number could also extend all the way to the Illinois state line. Milwaukee-area sessions are set for May 30th in Germantown and May 31st in Tosa. One of the project managers said, “Nationwide, interstates are known for their identity and quality. It will stimulate economic growth along the corridor.”

Beginning next month, 15 buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, will be open to the public. The buildings are in the Wisconsin River Valley and include eight private homes and seven public sites. Wright was closely connected to two of the buildings on the tour – one is the Wyoming Valley and the other is the Unity Chapel near Spring Green. Frank Lloyd Wright Wisconsin is organizing the tour and all proceeds go to the organization. Tour guides include people who studied under him or architects who follow his principles.

The Milwaukee Public Library is launching a summer reading program called “Be a Super Reader”. Children through age 12 are encouraged to sign up for the program at any Milwaukee Public Library. They’ll receive a folder to track the number of hours they read, with prizes reaching certain levels. Children do not need a library card to participate, but librarians will be on hand to sign them up if interested. MPL and teachers are hoping children read over the summer so they don’t lose ground on their reading skills.

Over the weekend, Governor Walker recommitted to his pledge to create 250,000 private-sector jobs by 2015. Walker spoke at the state Republican party’s annual convention. Walker said he believed job growth has been better than government statistics have shown and that he could still meet the job vow if he serves a full term. A spokesman from Mayor Barrett’s campaign said “Walker plunged our state into an ideological civil war with his divide and conquer style of governing.” Now according to a jobs data report, Walker would have to create nearly 7,400 jobs a month or 88,000 jobs a year in order to make his mark.

Heads up for those who drive past Milwaukee’s City Hall every day, because the northbound traffic lanes of Water Street will be closed for the next five to six days. This is because crews started working on the third investigative inspection of why pieces of terra cotta fell off City Hall and there’s concern that more could fall in the coming weeks. Crews will be using a 100-foot crane on the west side of the building. Some street closures and restricted access will be necessary during the inspection process.

Northwestern Mutual Foundation recently announced that it’s going to donate $500,000 in grants to six different local non-profit entertainment venues. Each Milwaukee organization was chosen based on its popularity as a community cultural landmark and as a draw for tourists. The six orgs include the Brewer’s Community Foundation’s “Stealing for Miracles”, Friends of Schlitz Audubon’s preservation efforts, the art museum’s MAM after dark program, the Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee’s Summerfest Children’s Zone and the Zoological Society of Milwaukee’s.