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aMKE The List: News from the Red Planet, Canine sports, Cool schools, Spray-on Skin? and Oklahoma's melting lamps.

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  • After nine months of space travel, NASA's latest and most advanced one-ton rover "Curiosity" will land on Mars at 12:31am on Monday. The seven-minute event will stream live on NASA TV.
  • While we are in the middle of "Olympic Fever", next week, people in Wisconsin will have a chance to see competitors in canine sports. Dogs trained to follow Frisbee-style discs tossed thought the air or waived over and around their owners body, or "Disc Dogs" will be featured on national television Sunday and at State Fair on Monday
  • August 15th is the open enrollment deadline for Escuela Verde, a new secondary school focused on environmental justice. The new City of Milwaukee public charter school opens September 4th to students grades-7-10.
  • In Paris, a revolutionary "spray-on skin" treatment has been developed for leg ulcers. Researchers are using a spray of skin cells suspended in a mixture of proteins that aid in blood clotting. Standard skin graft treatments are expensive and this new therapy will speed the healing, saving patients money.
  • KFOR TV in Stillwater, Oklahoma is reporting that temperatures are so high that the street lamps have begun melting. Or maybe the lights melted from a nearby dumpster fire aggravated by the record temperatures. Either way, the picture of the street lamps is impressive. The town is expecting to see temperatures from 108 to 115 this weekend.