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News Rundown

It’s been in the talks for a long time, but after nearly nine years, the U.S. Military officially declared an end to its mission in Iraq. U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta landed in Baghdad yesterday and thanked more than one million American members who served, but also spoke about the nearly 4,500 American troops that lost their lives during the war. And the final American combat troops will withdraw from Iraq by December 31st.

Barbara Bitters is State Leader of the Wisconsin Girl’s Collaborative Project, and she’s being honored at the White House today. Bitters is considered one of 12 “Champions of Change” and is being recognized for her role engaging girls in the science, technology, engineering and math fields. Bitters is also leading the effort to recruit and retain girls and women in these specific fields.

Riverwest Fest is back for its second year! Tonight and tomorrow there are 8 different venues, a variety of local music all housed in one neighborhood. This includes the Fatty Acids, Mark Waldoch of Celebrated Workingman, Fresh Cut Collective, plus many more local musicians. The event kicks off this afternoon at 3.

Republicans introduced a $915 billion spending bill in the House of Representatives yesterday. This comes as an attempt to force Democrats to finalize legislation that would keep the U.S. Government up and running beyond just the weekend. There are two days left until the temporary funding measure expires, and if that happens, major services run by the defense, education, health and labor departments will shut down.

Organizers behind the effort to recall Governor Walker say they’ve already collected 507,000 signatures. They need more than 540,000 signatures by January 17th to force an election but organizers say their goal is to collect up to 720,000 to provide a buffer incase some are invalid. Now Governor Walker’s Campaign is filing a lawsuit against the Government Accountability Board related to these petitions saying the process of review is unconstitutional because it won’t automatically toss out signatures that might be fake.

Harley Davidson is teaming up with the “Toys for Tots” program and tonight, from 6 to 9 there will be a “Holidays Around the World” party. That includes traditional food, drinks and information on the holiday customs of 12 different nations. In exchange for any charitable donation of toys or funds, guests will get a “passport” for food and drinks from all of the countries represented.