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a.MKE The List: Packers Expand Shares through February & Walker Lifts Cap on Family Care Program: Today’s Top Stories

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With the Iowa caucuses just days ways, campaign buses with Republican residential hopefuls are starting to roll in. The main concern for GOP voters is the economy, but there’s the other issue of immigration reform…, which has many candidates struggling on how to best deal with voter concerns. A University of Iowa political science professor says, “that the right position on immigration won’t likely win a candidate Iowa, but the wrong position could certainly hurt.”

Despite the poor economy, Southeastern Wisconsin’s nonprofit groups are seeing greater fiscal stability now then compared to the last two years. A recent public policy forum survey reports that the worst is behind them and nonprofits are seeing an increase in demand for services. Majority of nonprofit leaders are more optimistic about the future, both in fundraising and long-term sustainability.

With the state’s new voter ID law about to go full swing in 2012, federal security came out with some new rules. People getting or renewing their driver’s license or state photo ID will no longer be leaving with the new card, instead you’ll leave the DMV offices with a paper receipt with your valid photo until the actual card comes in the mail. State ID’s are going to be printed in California rather than the DMV office, and this will help prevent fraud and counterfeiting.

Well, the Packers did it. They sold 250,000 shares to fans nationwide, and the franchise recently announced it would expand its initial offering by 30,000. The offering will continue until February 29th unless the Packers sell the maximum amount of shares before then. The money from each share is going toward Lambeau Field’s expansion project.

It’s still the season of giving and if you’re looking for ways to give back, the Blood Center of Wisconsin is in need of donations for its 11th Annual Blood Drive. Blood donations will help save lives and give hope to patients throughout the community who require life-saving blood for surgeries, cancer treatments and medical emergencies. The drive is being held at the Milwaukee County Zoo today from 9 until 2.

Governor Walker just announced a plan to lift a cap on family care and bring the long-term program to about 43,000 people around the state. Before Walker capped the enrollment and said the program was growing too rapidly, but now there’s efficiencies that would free up about $80 million in additional money, helping Walker lift the cap and expand the program. The move just needs legislative approval.