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a.MKE THE List: President Obama Visits Milwaukee & Beach Boys to Headline at Summerfest: Today’s Top Stories

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Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele will give his first “State of the County” Speech on February 27th at UW-Milwaukee. In the past, Abele has pushed for government efficiencies and delivered his promise of a no property tax increase budget for 2012. Abele’s budget covered a $55 million gap by shifting benefit costs onto employees and by cutting into Sheriff David Clarke’s budget. His speech later this month will be open to the public.

President Obama recently unveiled a new spending plan that aims to trim $4 trillion from the deficit over the next decade and it also looks to boost spending to programs to stimulate the U.S. economy. President Obama said, “I am proposing some difficult cuts that, frankly, I wouldn’t be proposing if I didn’t have to.” The Pentagon is proposing a 6% overall spending decrease in its 2013 budget, which will rely heavily on a drop in troop strength.

Summerfest just announced that the Beach Boys will reunite and headline this year’s Summerfest Marcus Amphitheater on July 1st.  That includes all five Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famers: Brian, Mike, Al, Bruce and David…and this will mark the first time they’ve been on the road in more than 20 years for a 40-plus city tour. They started off that tour and gave a preview when they performed with Maroon 5 and Foster the People at the Grammys. Information and ticket prices will be released on February 25th.

President Obama will be visiting the manufacturer Master Lock sometime today. Obama highlighted Master Lock in his “State of the Union” address last month saying, it’s “a source of optimism and enormous potential for the future of America” as it shifted 100 jobs from China back to the factory in Milwaukee. Master Lock has thrived during the economic hardship and it’s the sole survivor in the city’s west side industrial corridor. Nearly all other factories north of that area are empty and shut down.

The Department of Natural Resources will discuss Milwaukee River cleanup efforts tonight. The goal is to detail efforts to remove contaminated sediments from the Milwaukee River and Lincoln Creek in Lincoln Park. Officials say the cost of removing these sediments is up to $20 million. The Milwaukee River basin is one the EPA’s top 10 “areas of concern” near Lake Michigan that could result in beach closings to fish consumption advisories. Tonight’s meeting is at the Blatz Pavilion at 6, then the formal presentation will follow at 6:30.

The “Share Mobile Market” is now up and running in Washington Park and it’s where residents are able to buy fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthy food options for 30 to 50% lower than retail. The market is teaming up with Washington Park Partners and the Progressive Community Health Center. The goal of bringing the share program to the neighborhood is to increase access to healthy food as part of the neighborhood plan unveiled back in December. The program is active on the first Tuesday of every month.