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a.MKE The List: Romney Wins Illinois State Primary & Milwaukee Public Library Offers Free Music Download Service: Today’s Top Stories

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Illinois held its state primary yesterday and coming out on top was Republican Presidential Candidate and Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. FEC reports show that Romney actually had a SuperPAC supporting him yet again, and he spent more than all of his GOP opponents combined. Following behind Romney was Rick Santorum, Ron Paul coming in third and last was Newt Gingrich with 8% of the votes.

This Monday an advisory committee will meet and is likely to vote on a proposal to extend the Lake Parkway from Edgerton Avenue to Highway 100. Plans for the 6-mile extension would include a path to serve bicyclists and pedestrians. Milwaukee County Supervisor, Patricia Jursik, says that a bike and pedestrian lane is a priority. She says, “We’re required to consider trails, but I think the answer is broader. I believe it’s necessary as we develop this lakeshore corridor.” if approved, construction will be at least 10 years off after additional approvals and engineering.

The National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. launched a new online resource that is allowing users to search, browse, share and download more than 20,000 images in its collection. All people need to do is register for an account, and from there, you can search the digital images by keyword or collections. This open access policy comes as an extension of the museum’s mission of serving the U.S. The museum wants to extend its outreach to a worldwide community of art historians and scholars and “fuel knowledge, scholarship and innovation.”

Wisconsin home sales rose 15.6% in February, making it the 8th consecutive month of sale increases. Analysts say the jump was due in part by improving consumer confidence and mild winter weather. Wisconsin’s Realtors Association thinks this evidence shows that the state’s residential real estate market is slowly thawing. With the combination of moderating prices and low mortgage rates, realtors are hoping this momentum carrying into the next six months, which is the prime-home buying season here.

Governor Walker recently signed the family care legislation, which expands access to the long-term assistance program. Walker announced plans last year to allocate $72  million to resume enrolling people in family care, which lifted a cap on enrollment. Walker said changes were made to make the program sustainable, and he was following through on a promise he made last summer to lift the enrollment caps and provide funding. But critics say it was Obama’s administration that stopped the walker administration from making the cuts.

The Milwaukee Public Library is now adding a free music download service. This means that any City of Milwaukee resident with a Milwaukee public library card will be able to download three songs per week from the Sony music catalog. The agreement gives the library access to Sony’s entire music collection and allows $65 million free downloads a year. There’s a range of artists and music types, from indie, rock to country to children’s music. Cardholders can just visit the library’s website to download their songs.