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a.MKE: Marriage equality at Supreme Court, metal thieves found, shipping lanes open and 17th Century scroll found 3.26.13

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Two suspected ringleaders from dozens of rooftop metal thefts have been arrested. Police and business owners have been working together installing cameras on rooftops waiting to catch the thieves that have been stealing copper and aluminum from rooftop condensers and air conditioners. Since last summer, more than 150 cases of rooftop metal theft were reported in Milwaukee, with an estimated $750,000 in property damage and loss.

A four-year legal battle to extend the right of marriage to same-sex couples no matter where they live gets its moment before the Supreme Court today. The first two days of oral arguments over what supporters call marriage equality will be heard by the nine justices as they consider California's Proposition 8. The Supreme Court will also hear arguments challenging the Defense of Marriage Act passed by Congress in 1996.

The 2013 Great Lakes shipping season is under way with the opening of the Soo Locks yesterday in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. The locks serve as a conduit for transporting commodities such as coal, iron ore and grain that energize our nation's economy.

As reported by WUWM radio's Lake Effect, a 17th Century scroll was found at UW-Milwaukee's Golda Meir library. The American Geographical Society has resided within the library there for more than 30 years and a 17th century scroll representing the history of one family from the Zapotec culture in Mexico was found tucked away in a desk that sat unused for three decades. More on this story can be found on our Facebook page.