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a.MKE: Music news, South Korea and changes at the Capitol for demonsrators 4.12.13

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Secretary of State John Kerry is visiting Seoul, South Korea this week and is prepared to enter into talks with North Korea, but only if it is serious about negotiating the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

In Music news, Paul McCartney will return to Milwaukee after 20 years to play Miller Park sometime this summer. A formal announcement will be made at the stadium at 10am on Monday.

Gov. Scott Walker's administration has again revised the rules governing the daily protests at the state Capitol. The new rules allow the administration to cite spectators of a demonstration who refuse to withdraw from a prohibited event and allow the Dept. to waive a 72-hour requirement for requesting permits for most demonstrations. 

In MORE Music news, Aerosmith and Toby Keith to headline Harley-Davidson's Anniversary.