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a.MKE: Noche de Gala, Space shuttle Endeavour, Ten Yards Project and Chicago teachers 9.19.12

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Hundreds of thousands of students in Chicago will return to class today after the teacher's union voted to end their strike and resume classes. The seven day strike ended with a new contract for teachers and administrators for the third-largest school system in the U.S.

The annual Noche de Gala event benefiting Latino Arts' educational programming and the Latino Arts Strings program is being held this Saturday at the Latino Arts Auditorium and Gallery. Featuring live performances, food and dance...

NASA gave the go-ahead early this morning for the space shuttle Endeavour to begin it's cross-country flight from Kennedy Space Center in Florida to Loa Angeles, where the retired spacecraft will be put on display along with Discovery, Enterprise and Atlantis.  Do you know how it gets there? Piggy back atop a modified 747 airliner...dipping to 1500 feet at many points along the way to give people a chance to see it.


New Yorker, Michael Bernstein wants to beautify New York City, one dumpster at a time. The "Ten Yards Project" would use old dumpsters around the city to plant trees and shrubs, adding green spaces in alleys and parking lots. The project was  inspired by his urban rooftop garden and vegetable cart.