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a.MKE: Red Nose, snickerdoodles, Charter Schools and relief from S.A.D...in Sweden 12.3.12

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Karen Mallet unknowingly found a real bargin when she bought her latest piece of artwork "Red Nose". It's a lithograph by American artist Alexander Calder worth $9K, and she bought it for $12.34 at a Goodwill store in Milwaukee. At least three other pieces of valuable art has turned up at a Goodwill in the last six months.

40,000 cookies baked in Wisconsin will soon be headed overseas in an effort to bring a bit of the holidays to the troops serving our country. The cookie collection is over, but organizers still need to raise half of the $2500 needed to ship the cookies. Find out how you can help by clicking here.

As reported by The Milwaukee Business Journal: The Milwaukee Public School board has approved a new location for the second Carmen High School of Science and Technology. It will move into the space currently occupied by Northwest Secondary School on 72nd St, which will close at the end of the year due to underperformance and under-enrollment. They also approved the relocation of Charter School IDEAL: Individualized Developmental Educational Approaches to Learing. IDEAL and Ronald Regan College Prep High School currently share a space and this move will give each schoolroom to grow.

An energy company in northern Sweden has installed light therapy panels in 30 bus stops in a town north of Stockholm that gets 5 hours of daylight during its darkest winter months. The panels are proven to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder, a result of feeling tired or depressed from overproduction of the hormone Melatonin. Commuters are encouraged to stand in front of the panels with their eyes open for 20 minutes for maximum effect.