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a.MKE: Rockaway Plate Lunch, Samoa Air, fresh produce at Public Market and North Korea locks out workers 4.3.13

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According to a recent article in The Economist, a reduction of 1 Kilo/2.2 pounds in the weight of an airplane will result in fuel savings of $3,000 per year. Samoa Air has introduced the world's first policy to charge its passengers based on the combined weight of the passenger and his/her luggage. The new rates range from $1 to $4.16 per kilo depending how long the route is.

As reported by the Milwaukee Business Journal, a fresh produce stand has opened at the Milwaukee Public Market at a stall near the parking lot entrance. The produce stand fills a need for fresh produce Milwaukee's 3rd Ward. Commission Row Produce is owned by John and Anne Nehring, who also own Nehring's Family Market in the Public Market.

Yesterday, North Korea banned South Korean workers from entering a jointly run factory park in the demilitarized zone near the boarder. The Kaesong Industrial Complex, located six miles north of the heavily fortified border, has long stood as a symbol of cooperation between the two countries. Roughly 120 South Korean businesses operate at the industrial complex, and the North did not say how long the entry ban would last.

Beastie Boy Michael Diamond has been working to bring relief to New York residents whose lives were turned upside down by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. He's partnered up with restaurateur Robert McKinley and several Manhattan eateries to run "Rockaway Plate Lunch", a food truck handing out hot meals to residents living without power, serving more than 19,000 platters to date. Diamond hopes to switch the truck into a paid operation, run entirely by locals when the city reopens Rockaway beach this summer.