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a.MKE: Salmonella Outbreak Linked Here in Wisconsin & "Here Mothers Are" Public Art Installation: Today's Top Stories

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Preliminary results show that turnout for Wisconsin’s GOP primary was among the highest of any state so far this year. Roughly 719,000 people voted in Tuesday’s Republican Primary, which Mitt Romney won. That number is a little more than 16% of the voting-age population. Now when the final vote count is in, Wisconsin could end up with second highest turnout of any GOP Presidential Primary so far in 2012. Tuesday’s turnout was also the highest for a Republican Presidential Primary in Wisconsin since 1980, that’s when 27% of voting-age adults came out to vote. 

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance recently announced that its foundation will award grants totaling in nearly $1.4 million to Wisconsin nonprofit organizations that promote child literacy and increase access to higher education. Some literary grant recipients are City Year Milwaukee, Milwaukee College Prep, Next Door Foundation, Pearls for Teen Girls and Teach for America. Northwestern Mutual’s President, John Kordsmeier said “By investing in effective literacy programs, more children will be able to reach their full potential and we’ll build a stronger community.”

Flavor Cycle: It’s Milwaukee’s newest bicycle delivery service. It specializes in bringing orders from a list of local restaurants to homes, businesses or the workplace between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. Now Milwaukee already has four carrier companies that deliver food during the workday, but they don’t specialize in it. Right now, Flavor Cycle delivers from restaurants like Café Corazon, Fuel Café, Hi Hat, Bel Air, Balzac and The Loaded Slate and each restaurant has a customized delivery zone map. So why bicycles?…zero emissions, no parking or traffic delays and one less delivery car speeding through your neighborhood.

Wisconsin is one of at least 19 states linked to a salmonella outbreak. So far, at least 90 people have gotten sick and seven people hospitalized. The cause has not been confirmed, but FDA officials strongly suspect that it was from sushi, specifically a spicy tuna roll. The FDA is trying to trace the source of the outbreak and is focusing on specific restaurants in Texas, Maryland, Rhode Island and here in Wisconsin. The restaurants under investigation have not been named.

The Government Accountability Board launched a state database that makes it possible for the public to search the names of all the people who signed recall petitions this past winter. So this includes recall petitions signed for Governor Walker, Lt. Governor Kleefisch and the four GOP state senators. GAB members voted at the end of March to make it available online. The site is searchable using the name of the person who signed the recall petition. Two Tea Party groups also made online searches possible, but through a different website.

A new public art project, made possible with a small grant from the City of Milwaukee, is bringing some more life to the Amani neighborhood. Artist Sonja Thomsen and storyteller Adam Carr created the temporary installation located on the corner of 24th and Locust. The project is called “Here, mothers are…” and it’s the result of living room interviews with women and families connected to the Dominican Center for Women. It includes photography, audio and text and it explores notions of motherhood. The physical installation will be open through October 12th. An opening reception is happening this Saturday from 10 to noon at the Dominican Center for Women.