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a.MKE: Technology, TV, Tickets and Unions 4.4.13

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Juneau Park Paddleboats, the company that has been stewards of the lagoon at the park for the last 16 years, have lost their contract with the Milwaukee Parks Department. California-based Wheel Fun Rentals, which operates close to 100 locations around the country will take over operations this summer. Juneau Park Paddleboats have until Friday to file an appeal with the Parks Department and are asking for public help in their mission to save their business by asking supporters to write letters or email the chair and vice-chair of the Parks, Energy and Environment Standing Committee on their behalf.

Three unions have filed suit against Milwaukee County and its Pension Board over last year's move to freeze "backdrop" lump-sum pension payments. Backdrop payments are based on an amount a worker could have collected in monthly pension payments if he or she had retired at an earlier date. Workers who choose to take backdrops get somewhat reduced monthly pension checks. New employees hired after February 2007 are not eligible for backdrop payments.

In Entertainment news, Jay Leno, host of NBC's Tonight Show announced yesterday that he will wrap up more than two decades on the iconic late-night show in spring 2014. NBC announced that Jimmy Fallon will transition into Leno's hosting spot as the Tonight Show returns to its original home in 30 Rock in New York and will be executive-produced by Lorne Michaels from Saturday Night Live/30 Rock.

As reported by the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee plans to outfit 30 of its parking checker vehicles with high-tech cameras and software systems that can read license plates and determine if a car is violating street parking rules or has outstanding citations. In addition to revealing if the car is a "scofflaw", DPW lingo for vehicles with two unpaid tickets issued over the past 30 days, it could also read whether a car is stolen.


A.  "Thank You" Sam and Dave

Many famous folks call it home.  Including Alex Chilton, Aretha Franklin, Al Green BB King and Rick Flair (Whoo) and these guys..


B. " Honky Tonk Woman" Rolling Stones

It was the setting for three John Grisham books: The ClientThe Rainmaker, and The Firm.


C.  "Memphis Soul Stew" 

Stax Records, Sun Studios and Beale Street