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a.MKE: Three of a Kind 11.8.12

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Each and every Thursday, a.MKE features a segment called Three of a Kind. We play three songs during the 6a, 7a and 8a hour that share one common theme: person, place or thing. Along with each song, we give out three clues on-air and one Facebook clue.

After the third clue/song is given in the 8am hour, we open the phonelines to our listeners. If you are the first to guess the correct theme for the day, you will win an 88Nine T-Shirt.

Here are the clues/songs for this week's 3 of a Kind:

1. Queen "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

Since 2004 an event held in November has brought awareness to prostate cancer. 

2. Hall & Oates "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)"

Rolli Fingers, John Oates, Burt Renalds, Hulk Hogan, Freddy Mercury and Salvidor Dali

3. Zedd "Shave It"

Handlebar, Fu-Manchu, Horseshoe, Toothbrush, Pencil and Poncho Villa

The answer?.....MUSTACHE!!!