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a.MKE: Three of a Kind, Pfister's new Artist-In-Residence, Tom Petty headlines Summerfest and new DPW trucks 2.28.13

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The WI state Senate narrowly approved a bill yesterday to ease iron-mining regulations, sending the bill to an Assembly that is expected to pass it next week. The proposed mine site is in the Bad River watershed and would operate for 35 years or longer and would run about four miles atop an iron-rich ridge.

In music news, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers will headline Summerfest for the 13th time since 1989. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famers will headline the Marcus Amphitheater on June 28th.

As reported by the Milwaukee Business Journal, The Pfister Hotel has named its new artist in residence, Stephanie Barenz. She will replace current artist, Timothy Westbrook and will be the fifth resident artist to work in the hotel's lobby level studio space for one year, starting in April.

With help from a federal grant, the city of Milwaukee has started replacing DPW salt, plow and garbage trucks that run on diesel with trucks fueled by natural gas. Not only are natural gas engines a lot quieter and cleaner, they are a lot cheaper to fuel. The average cost to fuel a diesel garbage truck last year was $11,695 and the cost to fuel a natural gas truck is $5,372.

Three of a Kind

1. By definition, this thing cannot be done by yourself.

SONG: Michael Jackson's "Man In The Mirror"


2. This thing was featured in the Whoopie Goldberg movie "Sister Act".

SONG: Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want"


3. The following pre-fixes can be applied to today's "thing": Show, Gospel, Boys, Mixed

SONG: Madonna's "Like A Prayer"


ANSWER: All the songs today featured CHOIRS!