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Tropicalia has got to be one of the coolest names for a genre that's ever been coined. Though that is but an observation and not the reason I'm playing it on Sound Travels this week, it is nevertheless an iconic sound whose limited run as the  60's pop sound of Brazil's Summers of Love has done little to diminish its long cultural shadow.

Tropicalia grew from many seeds, to flower in a movement that encompassed not only music, but also art, literature and cinema. Through its many permutations, Tropicalia embraced a notion of creative cultural cannibalism that was relatively radical for its time. Precepts of this loosely linked movement centered around sampling and creating while borrowing from other cultures and forms of art, to create something new and yet quintessentially Brazillian. Though short-lived, the sound of Tropicalia launched the careers of several enduring artists. In fact, the early fame of all the artists and bands I played today, came from this time even if their styles have moved beyond. Here's what y'all heard today...

Os Mutantes "I Feel A Little Spaced Out (Ando Meu Desligado)"


Gal Costa "Divino Marvilhoso"


Tom Ze "Gloria"


Caetano Veloso "Alfomega"