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A Famous Top 5 Countdown

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Sublime "KRS-1"

- A lovely and unlikely ode to conscious rapper KRS-1 by Cali's reggae-punks Sublime kicks this one off in perfect form.  


Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth "T.R.O.Y."

- Little known fact, this song is about a not-so-famous dude named Troy Dixon who had been a friend of Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth's. While the song might not seem to fit, we think it does because it's a classic song even if dude never was as classic as the song that memorializes him. Ironic.


R.E.M. "Man On The Moon"

- R.E.M.'s classic tune is actually about comedian Andy Kaufman even though the song never says. Notable is the game of one-upsmanship by Michael Stipe, who attempts to use 'yeah' more than Kurt Cobain (a master of the 'yeah') in the song.


Falco "Rock Me Amadeus"

- History and music come together with Austrian rockers Falco, whose 80's hit gives the T5C a touch of class. Okay not really...


Bob Dylan "Hurricane"

- A personal favorite, and a listener suggestion coming in at #1. About Ruben Carter, a controversial boxer from back in the day, and shining at number one for today's Top 5...