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Not Just A River In Egypt...The Top 5 Countdown

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Sixto Rodriguez "You'd Like To Admit It"

- A nice little song from a favorite lyricist, guilt-trippin' his ex after finding success and the regret he's sure she can't admit. Often called the Latin Bob Dylan; it makes me wonder if tin Latin America Bob Dylan is referred to as the gringo Sixto Rodriguez... nah, but a funny thought.


Suicidal Tendencies "Institutionalized"

- "...I went to your chrches, I went to your schools, your institutions and I'm the crazy one?" For only wanting a Pepsi, Suicidal Tendencies carbonized this caustic song that rips hipocrisy and self-entitled, delusional denial. "...you think you know what's best for me?" don't tell them...


Shaggy "It Wasn't Me"

- Sage advice that comes a bit too late for the dude Shaggy's talking to in this song since he's clearly getting busted. And more than once if you listen to the tune; sounds like shaggy should have been giving the lady the advice, but her denial makes for a funny-ass song...


Eric Clapton "I Shot The Sheriff"

- Classic, classic, classic. A denial and an admission from Clapton on the cover of this Marley tune. Gotta love an outlaw with an ideology... now that I think about it, it would make a nice companion piece for "I Fought The Law" by Bobby Fuller. Anyway, denial has never sounded so righteous.


Michael Jackson "Billie Jean"

- This classic at the top is all denial, but strangely enough, after all we would eventually learn about the King Of Pop over the years after this song came out, both Kallao and myself...actually believe him now when he sings "the kid is not my son." Rest in Peace...

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