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Top 5 Brackets of The March Madness Countdown! (and some Jimmy Fallon)

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March Madness hits The Weekly Top 5 Countdown. Figured we'd give basketball its due by dilligently digging for the best songs about ballin.' I was on the T5C solo today and had some fun coming up with the first all hip hop countdown on 88Nine. Here's the action from the court...


Jimmy Fallon "(I Can't Play) Basketball" The Barthroom Wall


Got to give Fallon props for some of the funny-assed song skits he does on his show with his house band extrordinaire, The Roots. Well, as it turns out, he's been at this side of his game since he broke through in the early 00's. And no, his name is not Dick Bruiseface... lol


Public Enemy "He Got Game" He Got Game OST


Nice sample, check. Classic verses, check. Public Enemy on a Spike Lee Joint, check. Top 5 Countdown pick, you know it...


Bell Biv Devoe "Above The Rim"


I had to quote A Tribe called Quest to introduce this early 90's slice of classic R&B because you've got BBd all on your bedroom wall but I'm above the rim and this is how I ball...


Gang Star "Now You're Mine"


RIP Guru...


Kurtis Blow "Basketball"


Could there be another number 1? Not only is this the first great rap song about basketball, but at this point, its pop culture references are a great starting point for the history of NBA greats...