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A Top 5 Revolution

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Daft Punk "Around The Word" Homework

- So in case you didn't know (as Jordan taught us), revolution in the literal means to go around. Around what? The World of course, and Daft Punk's 1990's cut of the same name gets the nod here at the start. A song that's quite literally, about revolutions...


Femi Kuti "Africa For Africa" Africa For Africa

- There's always a revolution going on in Africa right? That's what afro-beat is all about!


Public Enemy "Fight The Power" 

- Had a lot of listener suggestions for this Top 5, many were hip hop, so we knew we had to get some in and who better than PE for some socially conscious lyrics. "Fight The Power" is like an American storm the Bastille-type song, an anthem of rebelion for the hip hop generation. 


Beatles "Revolution" White Album

- Truly, we would be out our minds if we did not have this one in there, is there a song more obvious for this particular countdown... um see below...


 Gil Scott-Heron "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

- A solid dose of poetic reality about what this "revolution" will be about... "it will be live..."