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A Very Moving Top 5 Countdown

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Ja'Net DuBois "Movin' On Up" from TV's 'The Jeffersons'

- A moving song that everyone knows(or should know), and the fact that our own East Side being a popular move-in spot, we thought y'all could appreciate the many levels of this song...or whatever.


Wax "California"

- A popular destination that in this song, ends up not working out...oh, the perils of moving.


The Cars "Moving In Stereo"

- What to say other this is a move made for stereo...and radio.


Mos Def "Travelling Man"

- Inspired by a listener suggestion, a movement through "space and time," sometimes you need to move just to do your own thing... 


Frank Zappa "Montana"

- Our favorite moving song and my favorite Zappa tune as well. All the crucial Zappa elements are on strange display in this tune about moving to be a dental floss tycoon. The only song I know that has zircon encrusted tweezers...