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Warmer Than Choclate Fudge... The Ice Cream Top 5 Countdown

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Screamin' Jay Hawkins "Ice Cream Man" 

- A sexy lil preliminary to the T5C; a song recalling a time when ice cream came from an actual ice cream man? ...nope, this ice cream man gets his milk from somewhere else entirely... just sayin'


Johnny Osbourne "Ice Cream Love"

"...I don't want no ice cream love, because my love, is warmer than chocolate fudge..." 'nuff said


Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf "Ice Cream Truck"

- Sorta figures that this song was written by a couple of guys with names like Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf; one sounds like a an ice cream flavor while the other is as charming as the version of ragtime that heralds the arrival of said truck... 


Battles "Ice Cream feat. Matias Aguayo

- A listener suggestion, this is brand new Battles material, and cold as...well...ice cream.


Kelis "Milkshake"

- When you've got as much ice cream as we've gotten for this Top 5, I guess a milkshake is in order. And to add irony to the recipe, she flips the dirty script to favor the ladies' pov...