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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. On World Cafe | December 1, 2011

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The Detroit dream-pop duo Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. released its Horse Power EP in July 2010, and followed it with a set of remixes, including one of Junip's "In Every Direction." Easily capturing the sunny warmth of surf pop, the EP takes traditional pop structures and fills them with lush melodies that melt together with upbeat guitar maneuvers and dashes of electronic soundplay. So, while that record reached the Top 10 most downloaded albums on the dance chart, the band's style leans more toward the works of Brian Wilson, The Flaming Lips and The Beatles. In fact, the two musicians in DEJJ make no attempt to hide their influences when they break out a gorgeous, updated version of The Beach Boys' "God Only Knows."

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. brings its eclectic blend of folk and electronica to this session of World Cafe, on which it showcases a few songs from its new album, It's a Corporate World.(link)


Hour 1

(( )) for interlude music
Bob Dylan "Things Have Changed" The Wonderboys Soundtrack
Centro-Matic "All The Talkers" Candidate Waltz
The Rolling Stones "I Love You Too Much" Some Girls

((Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. "Morning Thought" Recorded Live for the World Cafe))

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. "Morning Thought" Recorded Live for the World Cafe
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. "Simple Girl" Recorded Live for the World Cafe
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. "We Almost Lost Detroit" Recorded Live for the World Cafe
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. "Nothing But Our Love" Recorded Live for the World Cafe

((Menomena "Killemall" Mines))

Patti Smith "So You Want To Be A Rock N Roll Star" Wave
Iron & Wine "Tree By The River" Kiss Each Other Clean
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks "Tigers" Mirror Traffic
Los Campesinos! "By Your Hand" Hello Sadness
Free Energy "Dream City" Stuck On Nothing

Hour 2

RL Burnside "It's Bad You Know" Come On In
Alison Krauss "Baby, Now That I've Found You" Now That I've Found You
Dawes "If I Wanted Someone" Nothing Is Wrong
Bon Iver "Holocene" Bon Iver
Christy Moore "The Deportee's Club" Voyage

((The Unthanks "Lucky Gilchrist" Here's The Tender Coming))

The Pogues "Sunny Side of the Street" Hell's Ditch
The Clancy Brothers "Rising of the Moon" The Rising of the Moon: Irish Songs of Rebellion
David Gray "Babylon" White Ladder
The Frames "Falling Slowly" The Cost
Damien Rice "Volcano" O
The Danger Is "Same Face" The Danger Is EP
Roisin O "Drifting" The Thrill EP
The Chieftans "Lots of Drops of Brandy" Water From the Well
The Dubliners "Rocky Road to Dublin" The Dubliners
The Dubliners "Seven Drunken Nights" A Drop of the Hard Stuff
The Chieftans "Boil the Breakfast Early" Boil the Breakfast Early