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Trombone Shorty On World Cafe | June 12, 2012

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This week, World Cafe invites listeners to discover the music of New Orleans with the series Sense of Place.

New Orleans is a city with soul, and that soul is made of brass. Trombone Shorty can tell you all about it. He's been playing trumpet, drums and — as the moniker implies — trombone for about as long as he's been standing on two legs. As an integral spoke in the great wheel of Crescent City jazz, funk and big brass music, Trombone Shorty (a.k.a. Troy Andrews) is the perfect person from whom to seek insight on what this music means to the city.

So is longtime New Orleans resident Davis Rogan, who inspired the character Davis McAlary on HBO's Treme. An eccentric musician who's as much of a character as his TV alter ego, Rogan knows what's good in the world of New Orleans' big brass. A perfect example of that sound is Rebirth Brass Band's "Do Watcha Wanna," which blares around the clock during every Mardi Gras. Drummer Derrick Tabb speaks to the musical and cultural role his band plays as one of the most influential groups in New Orleans.

In the video above, watch as Trombone Shorty takes World Cafe host David Dye to an authentic Crescent City Second Line parade, a longstanding Sunday-afternoon tradition that showcases brass bands and is chock-full dancing, joyous people.

World Cafe Sense of Place is made possible by a grant from the Wyncote Foundation. (link)


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The Meters "Just Kissed My Baby" The Funk Box
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band "Inner City Blues" What's Goin On
Trombone Shorty "Orleans and Claiborne" Recorded Live for the World Cafe
((Trombone Shorty "In the 6th" Backatown))
Trombone Shorty "One Night Only (The March)" Backatown
Trombone Shorty "On Your Way Down" Backatown
Trombone Shorty "In the 6th" Backatown
Rebirth Brass Band "Tornado Special" Take It to the Street
Olympia Brass Band "New Second Line" New Orleans Second Line Mardi Gras Party
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band "Ain't Nothin' But a Party" Medicated Magic
Rebirth Brass Band "Take it to the Street" Take it to the Street
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band "My Feet Can't Fail Me Now" My Feet Can't Fail Me Now
Rebirth Brass Band "Pie Pt 2" Take it to the Street
((Trombone Shorty "Hurricane Season" Backatown))
Rebirth Brass Band "Feel Like Funkin' It Up" Treme Soundtrack Season 1
The Stooges Brass Band "Stooges Party" It's About Time
The Soul Rebels " Night People" Recorded Live for the World Cafe


The Clash "Junco Partner" Sandanista!
Norah Jones "Happy Pills" Little Broken Hearts
Diego Garcia "You Were Never There" Laura
George Harrison "My Sweet Lord (Demo)" Early Takes Volume 1
Elvis Costello "You Bowed Down" All This Useless Beauty
((The Fling "Cold Comfort" The Fling))
Nick Lowe "So It Goes" Basher: The Best Of Nick Lowe
George Harrison "Awaiting On You All" All Things Must Pass
Kathleen Edwards "Sidecar" Voyageur
Heartless Bastards "Parted Ways" Arrow
((Everest "Rebels in the Roses" Ghost Notes))
John Fullbright "Gawd Above" From the Ground Up
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss "Gone Gone Gone" Raising Sand
Bruce Springsteen "Wrecking Ball" Wrecking Ball
Dry the River "New Ceremony" Shallow Bed
((Alberta Cross "The Thief and the Heartbreaker" Broken Side of Town))