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Anthony Bourdain Calls It Quits For No Reservations, Produces New Food Show For PBS, and Returns To Milwaukee In 2013

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Yes, I'm what you would call a foodie. When I was younger, I wanted to either be a Chef or an Architect.  I chose Architect.  To some, that is just as bad as being called a hipster; however I don't see it that way. To me, a foodie is someone, who just loves food, and that person is open to experience what food really has to offer.  It is someone, who appreciates food's history and impact on culture.

No other culinary figure has shown the world the real impact of food on culture than Anthony Bourdain, and his show No Reservations. Bourdain is bringing his experienes and stories back to Milwaukee on May 10 to the Riverside Theater. He will be joined on tour with friend and fellow chef Eric Ripert. Tickets go on sale November 16.

Last week, Bourdain ended the award-winning and long-running travel & food show on the Travel Channel. The final stop was the influential Brooklyn, NYC.  For those who are a fan, don't worry Mr. Bourdain will be returning to TV in a couple of ways.  First, his No Reservations spinoff, The Layover will be returning to Travel Channel on November 19. Secondly,  he is now executive producer of a new series for PBS called The Mind Of A Chef. Each season the show examines and follows one chef through his/her cooking, travels, and more. The first season will featured one of my favorite chefs, David Chang.

From ramen to rotting bananas, Copenhagen to Kansas City, and pork buns to golf clubs, PBS’s new series The Mind of a Chef combines travel, cooking, history, science, and humor into an unforgettable journey. Join executive producer and narrator Anthony Bourdain as he takes viewers inside the mind of noted Korean-American chef and restaurateur David Chang. "The Mind of a Chef is a reinvention of a travel-cooking show,” says Bourdain. “This season we go inside the kitchen, the world, and the mind of chef David Chang. This show is a chance to explore that mind in all its tangled glory."

Here is the teaser for The Mind Of A Chef


Watch The Mind of a Chef - Preview on PBS. See more from PBS.


You can watch full episodes via PBS. Below is the first show with chef David Chang, which is all about Ramen.