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Atomic Records Is Closing?!

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Hey y'all, caught this news yesterday so I thought I'd share the sad news of Atomic records' demise...

from Decider.com

If you're a music fan and you live in Milwaukee, chances are you've spent a fair amount of time and money at Atomic Records. Sadly, we’re all going to have to find a new place to hang out: The store will close in February, according to a message sent Thursday night to Atomic’s e-mail list by owner Rich Menning. He points to a number of predictable factors—a declining record industry and the tanking economy being the biggies—that “have made it impossible to continue doing what we love to do.”

Menning stoically keeps his chin up in the message, thanking local music fans for 24 years of support. “I only wish we had the wherewithal to continue on,” he writes. “But for the next couple months the current members of Team Atomic shall keep on serving you as best we can.” This month, all store items will be marked 20 percent off, which will hopefully help move the store's remaining stock. For more information visit Atomic’s website.