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Event | Hip Hop Genius Book Release At Marquette: Book Aims To Remix High School Education

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I have been waiting for the release of this book called "Hip Hop Genius: Remixing High School Education."  I just found out that they will be a book release party at Marquette this Friday.  What is "Hip Hop Genius?"  The book, written by Sam Seidel, asks the question can Hip Hop save our schools?

In Hip Hop Genius, Sam Seidel introduces an iteration of hip-hop education that goes far beyond the usual approach of studying rap music as classroom content and looks instead at deeply honoring the knowledge of urban students. Seidel lays out a vision for how hip-hop's genius—the resourceful creativity and swagger that took it from a local phenomenon to a global force—can lead to a fundamental remix of the way we think of teaching, school design, and leadership.

Through stories about the professional rapper who founded the first hip-hop high school and the aspiring artists currently enrolled there, Hip Hop Genius invites readers to think outside the (boom)box about what hip-hop education can mean and to consider the implications that a broader definition of hip-hop education could have on their teaching and learning experiences.

This book is for all of the educators in need of new solutions and all the hip-hop heads who know hip-hop is far more than music. It is for everyone who refuses to watch brilliant young people slip through the cracks and is down to take action.

The book takes a unique direction in using hip hop to educate our high school youth.  It will be very interesting if any teachers or schools try to implement some of the concepts and ideas in the book.



This Friday at 6pm (10/14/11), you can meet the author of this book and enjoy entertainment and arts from True Skool, Figureheads, Running Rebels, and Urban Underground.  Plus their will be a performance from the nationally the  renowned High School of The Recording Arts aka Hip Hop High out of Minneapolis. The event is hosted by Marquette University's Institute for the Transformation of Learning will be at Marquette University Alumni Memorial Union (1442 West Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee).