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Forget Food Network! 7 Cool Online Cooking Shows To Give You Inspiration For Your Holiday Meals

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The holidays are here and cooking is one of the biggest activities during the season.  Food Network, one of the most popular cable channels, is getting in the spirit by producing holiday related cooking shows.   Don't get me wrong Food Network is great for inspiration and cooking ideas, but some of those shows and recipes are so complicated that you would need degree in advanced mathematics. Plus, do you really want to get inspiration from a show that a million people watch? Would it not be cool to get ideas for a dish from a show that most people have never heard of?  You could impress your family and friends and take credit for the dish without anyone knowing. Well, I compiled a list of some of the best online cooking shows just in time for the holidays.  

1. Dante's Fried Chicken -  This is probably one of my favorite shows even though it is very inconsistent in putting out the shows.  Dante's show not only features some fantastic recipes, but some great musical guest such as Santigold, Rusko and Theophlius London. 

Santi White learns to cook Coconut Mac & Cheese with Rosemary on the Dante Fried Chicken show and performs for her first time ever as Santogold at the after party in NYC. Learn how to cook it up with Dante while Santi explains what went into making the album that Rolling Stone placed at number 6 on the 50 Best Albums of 2008.

Location: Brooklyn, New York


2. The Minimalist featuring Mark Bittman.  The is online cooking show comes from The New York Times and it is hosted by food writer Mark Bittman.  He takes complicated dishes and makes them very easy.



3. Economybites.tv is a cooking show for us cheapskates or folks on a budget. The shows helps you create meals that would last few days to a week.  The show is perfect for folks who live alone or with a roommate.



4. Maangchi is a Korean cooking show.  This is on the list because I'm addicted to Korean food and I always wanted to make my own Korean BBQ and Kimchi.  




5. Gianni's North Beach is  very nice Italian based cooking show. He is not a cute as Giada De Laurentiis from the Food Network, but his recipes and accent are fantastic. Ba-Boom! Great camera shots too!!!



6. DedeMed is cooking show dedicate to the cuisine of the Mediterrean.  They even sell their own spices.



7. Show Me The Curry. All about those tasty curry dishes. Nom Nom!!!