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'Jackass' Star Johnny Knoxville Tells A Different Side Of Detroit

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Let's face it, the media seems to have an adversity to telling the whole story and telling positive stories. A very good example of this is the city of Detroit. If you listen to all the coverage of Detroit, you would think that there is nothing good in the city at all.  All hope is lost on Detroit.   All the pictures of Detroit the media takes are of urban decay and abandon buildings. Yes, Detroit does have a lot of problems, but so does a lot of cities in this country.

For some reason, Detroit has become a poster child of an American city gone completely wrong.  The problem with that description is that it is only part of a story.  Maybe it just makes good news to show the Detroit only in this light.  I lived in Detroit for couple of years, and I can tell you the city has a creative spirit like no other city. 

Well, Jackass star Knoxville and Palladium Boots wanted to tell the other story of Detroit through a 3 part mini-documentary called 'Detroit Lives'. Knoxville takes a look at the creative side of Detroit, that most people in this country would even knew exist.  He talks to folks like Detroit Techno legend Carl Craig, Hip Hop artist Black Milk, MC5's Wayne Kramer and others talk about a Detroit that the media does not cover in their stories.  Check out the videos below, and let me know what you think.