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Political Kicks For A Cause

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 As I was scoping the latest news on Arrested Development and Milwaukee's very own Speech, I discovered Tom's Shoes.  AD has linked up with Tom's Shoes co-sponsoring their mission in the '1 for 1' program. 

Featured is TOMS 'Split Decision Vote'  They have the Republican and Democrat Vote as well; not to mention some very unique non-political shoes, T-shirts, handbags, hats, and the 'Wrap Boots' that I will be rocking in the future :)

Tom's Shoes has been around since 2006, matching your purchase by donating a pair of shoes to children in need around the world!  Tom's Shoes' goal for 2008 is to donate 200,000 pairs of shoes; if the shoe fits for you, the shoe will fit for a child in need!  Get your charitable kicks on! 

 Yes, I love shoes...but what I love even more is giving people tools to voice their opinions; check out Unified Milwaukee Voter Awareness.