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Respect The Architect | What Is Your "Type"?

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Since my Architecture school days back at Howard University in DC, I have had a typography fetish. I can't even tell you how many books and magazines I have on that subject of typography.  I follow various typography and font blogs.  I can spend hours at bar not only to drink but to analyze the labels on the liquor bottles.  Ok not hours, but you get the picture.

Then I stumbled on this micro-site from Pentagram called "What Is Your Type?" It is a multimedia game that will determine what typeface represents you.  The "psychiatrist" asked a series of questions and you answer them.  From those answers, it will determine the typeface that fits you as a person. The site determine the font that represents me is Universal. It was based on these characteristics which were collected from my answers: Rational, Understated, Progressive, and Relaxed. The site gives a brief history of my typeface. The typeface was designed by Herbert Bayer during the Bauhaus period.


The "Universal" typeface, seen here as Bayer prescribed, with lower case letters. The typeface emphasized legibility (even cross-culturally) by removing the ornaments from letterforms (serifs). The resulting letters are streamlined, refelecting the prerogatives of the new machine age.

Give "What Is Your Type?" a try and let me know what is your font. (spotted at workingformorework)