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Shake it like a Polaroid...Not for long.

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Remember the Polaroid Camera. It revolutionized the photography industry. The ability to take a picture and have it in your hands in a couple of minutes. Well the days are numbered for the Polaroid. I saw an article in the New York Times Magazine about the demise of the Polaroid. It will ceased to make the cameras and film. There will be only enough film to last throughout the year. The Polaroid was invented by Edwin Land (a Havard dropout) and he sold the first instant camera back in 1948.

The cool thing about the Polaroid picture is that it has caught as an artistic media. Artist such as Rony's Photobooth has made the Polaroid a serious art form. Now that it is going away, what is the instant camera photographer to do. You can go over to SavePolaroid.com. There are resources like flickr and facebook groups, petitions, and contacts for Polaroid so you can send your concerns about the demise of such a great invention.

Check out this Polaroid that Rony did of the Rhythm Lab DJs