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Sound Travels: Global Mashout #2

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Sound Travels : Global Mashout #2 (9/18/08)


1. BHAI DAVINDER SINGH : "Anandmayi Simran" - Anandmayi Simran This pure vocal track runs parallel to Martin Atkins' China Dub, the mantra Wahe Guru is Gurumuki, a language of Punjabi Sikhs. Wahe...Guru, for the Sikhs is the inhale...exhale, the mantra is God's name in the sense that it means that which is everything, unfathomable...beyond all words and worlds. Wahe Guru, ,is a mantra that helps one know what that infinity means personally... Wonderful Teacher.

2. MARTIN ATKINS' CHINA DUB : "Mostly Hulusi" - China Dub Martin Clive Atkins (born in Coventry, England), is a drummer and session musician best known for his work in post-punk and industrial groups including Public Image Ltd., Ministry, Pigface, and Killing Joke. I got this cut from what appears to have come from a trip to Beijing where he hooked up with some locals to produce an album of surprising curiosity.

3. KENNY DOPE : "Percussion Breakdown" - Brazilika 50 seconds of Batucada brilliance from Kenny Dope, one half of the Masters At Work crew, who are legends in the modern Latin dance scene. Eschewing samples, the beats he produces sound more real and here, bring bounce to the transition to...

4. DJ ANGOLA : "Bailando (Quantic Mix)" - Single ...now this is a gem. Perfect for the club, but still traditional enough to sound live. Brooklyn-based DJ who mixes smoothly through Tribal/afrobeat/ jazzy/deep/disco/electro house sounds to his own tracks and original remixes, he utilizes a vast array of music and vocals to create live remixes during his sets. In demand for his wide ranging House sets, he has moved club goers around the world.

5. BOST & BIM feat. Brisa Roche & Lone Ranger : "Jamaican Boy" - Jamaican Boy French producers, Bost & Bim, who work out this proper cover of Estelle's "American Boy." In this prover 'version,' Brisa Roche plays Estelle to the Lone Ranger's Kanye. Raw!

6. OSBORNE : "Afrika (Funky Funky HiLife)" - Gilles Peterson In Africa DJ and producer Todd Osborn has been championed across the board, by everyone from Gilles Peterson to Aphex Twin (he records as Soundmurderer for his Rephlex label), from UR’s Mad Mike to Warp’s Flying Lotus. But such accolades should be taken lightly; after all, Todd just wants to have a little fun and get some time in on the dance floor. And this cut should get you in the mood, a remix of legendary Nigerian Hi Life bandleader C.K. Mann. The original cut, "Funky Highlife," is a scorcher without any help from Osborn, but this version is crucial.

7. JURESINO CAYETANO : "Balandria" - Rough Guide To Central America (Guatemala) Raw indigenous guitar work from Guate's Cayetano, an interesting integer on the scale of Latin sounds, this song sets a good mood and a steady groove and highlights a surprisingly good world music compilation. Rough Guide cd's are really good at it (far better than the cheap and easy listening on their rival Putomayo label!), and this one gets some goods from an area with solid sounds.

8. TWO MAN SOUND : "Que Tal America?" - Samba Megamix (1978) Disco-samba from some Belgian producers. Successful party-band in the seventies who combined disco and Brazilian rhythms and the good-time Latin-American carnival hits. "Que Tal America?" was perhaps the biggest hit from a group that was a mixture of the talents of two famous (at that time perhaps not so famous) Belgian producers: Lou Depryck (previously with Liberty Six - later on with Lou & the Hollywood Banana's and projects as Viktor Lazlo, Plastic Bertrand ...) & Sylvain Vanholmen (previously with The Wallace Collection and Octopus, later with The Machines, Jo Lemaire & Flouze ...).

9. NASTASJA : "Calabria (radio edit)" - Calabria 2007 (Denmark) Summer 2006 saw Natasja win Irie FM’s influential “Big Break” contest in Jamaica! 700 contestants, 12 finalists – but only one winner! NATASJA. She's the first non-Jamaican ever to win the contest! Born in Copenhagen 1974, Natasja grew up listening to her mother's collection of Dennis Brown and Bob Marley Records. Natasja’s debut on stage was at the mere age of 13 when she started singing /”dee-jaying” in Copenhagen with local Jamaican soundsystem Sky Juice and was noticed at a concert opening for Macka B and Arriwa Posse, where Mad Professor himself was blown away by her talent.

"Calabria" is a house music single by Danish producer Rune originally released in 2003. Rune re-released the track once more in 2007, having remixed it with ragga/dancehall beats, and adding vocals by Danish reggae singer Natasja. On January 16, 2008 the song reached number one on Billboard's Hot Dance Airplay chart and in the process gave Saad the chart's first number one single by a posthumous artist, as Saad tragically was killed in an automobile accident in June 2007. RIP.