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Axl Rose sues Dr. Pepper

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Axel Rose is suing DR. Pepper after they failed to make "good" on the offer to give a free can of the soda to every American IF Axel released "Chinese Democracy" in 2008....

Really? He's gonna sue over some free soda!? I can't believe this. Dr. Pepper tried to make good... they even extended the window for the giveaway from 24 to 42 hours, added a toll-free line to handle consumer requests for the coupons, and set up an interactive voice recorder to accept coupon requests.

" This was one of the largest responses we have ever received for a giveaway, and we're happy we were able to satisfy the thirst of so many Dr Pepper fans." - Dr. Pepper Co.

Let's not all be too serious!


I don't even like G n R anyways!