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Bass(ic) Needs: Ngoma 3

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ngoma3_front_myspaceAs many of you already know, one of my loves is music from around the world. Not simply "world music," a term I am not all that fond of, but the vibrant sound of NOW. I love to be on the frontier, on styles and sounds that spring up in places that are hard to pronounce and even harder to get to. I love to experience music that I have never heard before, and of course I love to share it. If only to give someone an experience that they can't preconceive-- to test if the mind is open.

My favorite Dj at the moment articulates these tastes nicely, and has with his latest release eclipsed past favorite dj/Rupture, for the moment. I'm not talking about a big name here, but I am talking about DJ Zhao from Ngoma Soundsystem whose latest mix Ngoma 3 is crucial.

DJ Zhao : Ngoma 3


The set is proper, and represents some forward thinking on the part of Zhao who taps into the South African vibe with a set heavy in kwaito, zulu house, electro and of course heavy bass. This is New World music, incorporating other cultures into a sound that fits more with modern music than it does with older, traditional sounds. Expand your tastes and explore these sounds...


01 [SA] Andy X - Tech House

02 [SA] DJ Clock - Durban Guitar

03 [SA] Bantu Soul - Isgubhu

04 [SA] Blackcoffee / DJ Christos and Demor - Searching

05 [SA] Black Coffee - 100 Zulu Warriors

06 [SA] Black Coffee - Stimela (remix)

07 [SA] Thebe - Ugezi

08 [SA] DJ Fhiso - House Animation

09 [SA] DJ Clock - Move Your Body

10 [SA] DJ Clock - No Fear

11 [SA] DJ Sdoko - Boozoom Base

12 [SA] DJ CNDO - Terminator

13 [UK] Ossie - Set The Tone

14 [ANGOLA] Manya - Frutas De Vontade

15 [ANGOLA] Unknown - Unknown

16 [ANGOLA] Manya - Ondjiva

17 [UK] DSD - Fruity

18 [UK] Footsteps - Baby Kinta

19 [UK] Roska - Tack Tiles

20 [UK] DJ Mystery - Changes

21 [UK] DJ Tremendous - Log 19

22 [HOLLAND] DJ BIgga - Boeke Anthem VS. [BRAZIL] Menor do Chapa - Familia Vida Loka

23 [UK] Unknown - Unknown

24 [SA] Unknown - Thumping

25 [SA] Mr Flip - The Wild Thing

26 [UK] Geeneus - Yellowtail

27 [UK] Headhunter - Birks Range

28 [SA] Shana - Uyangichomela

29 [SA] Bucie - Amadoda (Black Coffee remix)

30 [NORWAY/GER] Mari Boine - Vuoi Vuoi Mu (Henrik Schwarz Remix)

31 [SA] Dr Duda and Dr M-bee - The Gap Featuring Gina

32 [SA/US] Terre Thaemlitz / Radio Freedom (Anti-Apartheid)