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"Be Heard": 4th Street Forum | Are We Talking Through Our Hats?

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This week at the 4th Street Forum: The 4th Street Forum returns to Turner Hall, MPTV, and the airwaves of RadioMilwaukee after a well deserved summer rest -- welcome back guys!

The season kicked off with a topic fresh on everybody's mind -- the increasingly fractured tone and tenor of our national media coverage. As the voices get louder, it seems the opposing sides of the conversation have become simultaneously more polarized and galvanized. Whose voice is being represented and who is listening? And with rapidly shifting media landscape, how can we get back to more civil and responsible dialogue?

Hear remarks from the distinguished group of panelists, including Evan Zeppos (President of Zeppos and Associates), Christian Schneider (Fellow at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute), Jane Hampden (Lecturer atthe Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at UW-Milwaukee), and Michael Deas (Lecturer at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University):

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Catch this episode of 4th Street Forum on Friday at 10PM and Sunday morning at 9am on Milwaukee Public Television (Channel 10.1).

The 4th Street Forum is back next week with "Homes, Banks, and the Bubble." American homes, once the basis for family financial security, became a source of banking and homeowner speculation. Will banks and owners return to responsibility?

More information on the 4th Street Forum is available at their website. You can also check out the embarrassment of riches that is their video archives here .

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