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"Be Heard": 4th Street Forum | Newspapers In Decline

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This week at the 4th Street Forum: This week, the 4th Street Forum takes on a very timely question with no clear answer -- what is the future of the American newspaper? In past years, the troubles only seem to be compounding with a number of high profile scandals, the public's shortening attention span, and ad dollars drying up. What can be done? Who's already doing it right? Is it the business model? Is it the journalism model? Should the government offer a bailout?

Hear remarks from the distinguished group of panelists, including Louis Fortis (Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Shepherd Express), Mikel Holt (Associate Publisher and Editorial Editor of the Milwaukee Community Journal, and Jon Anne Willow (Editor and Publisher of the Third Coast Digest):

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Catch this episode of 4th Street Forum on Friday at 10PM and Sunday morning at 9am on Milwaukee Public Television (Channel 10.1).

The 4th Street Forum is back next week with "Domestic Violence, Dangerous Homes." Women are more likely to be victims of violence at home than anywhere else. And oftentimes, the abuse is passed from generation to generation. Can the violence be stopped?

More information on the 4th Street Forum is available at their website. You can also check out the embarrassment of riches that is their video archives here .

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