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"Be Heard": Jordan In The Morning | Jazz In The Park

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Listen: Every year, the crowd seems to grow larger and larger and larger (see above). So what could possibly deflate a Milwaukee summer flagship like Jazz In The Park? There's a simple and straightforward answer -- no more carry-ins. In accordance with standing state law (see: Statute 125.32(6)(a)), outside alcoholic beverages will no longer be allowed at the popular event. However, alcoholic beverages will still be sold.

This rule change has been a popular topic of conversation heading into summer, and today marks the season's first Jazz In The Park event. Accordingly, Jordan Lee, our AM Drive host, opened the air to 88Nine listeners, asking for their opinions on the matter. We got an overwhelming response and the following piece is only a small sampling of the calls we received:

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For more info, read more at WISN.com, or check out this report from FOX 6.

No doubt, this conversation will continue over the summer -- the State Assembly is discussing the matter, and a bill that would make Jazz In The Park an exception to carry-in laws might be coming down the pipeline in the near future. Keep your ears open, and in the meantime, your bottles (from home) closed.

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