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"Be Heard": Jordan In The Morning | Locust Street Festival

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Listen: This past weekend, I had a chance to check out the Locust Street Festival in the late afternoon. As I walked around, I was blown away by the atmosphere -- an incredible mix of race, age, and every other kind of diversity you'd want. Best of all, everybody seemed to be enjoying the music and the sun. I was proud that our station had a presence at the event as part of our Summer Passport campaign.

When I got home, I was horrified to hear that there was a shooting at the event after I left. While it was a contained act of violence, there were a huge number of folks in the area that could have potentially been injured. Like many others, this concerns me deeply. As we look forward to a season full of festivals, how will this effect we approach the summer? Events like the Locust Street Festival are what make me proud to be part of Milwaukee, so what can we learn from this incident?

Jordan, our AM Drive host, discussed the topic and took calls during his show:


For more details, check out the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's coverage.

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