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"Be Heard": Terry's First Contact With Sponsor A Scholar

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Listen: Organizations like Sponsor A Scholar come into the lives of disadvantaged youth and give them an amazing opportunity to reach their goals. The tutoring, mentorship, and financial support they provide can make all the difference in the world in a young adult's life. And as years pass, most students gain a deep understanding and appreciation for what the organization has done for them.

But what about first impressions? Most middle schoolers probably aren't too focused on scholarships and their college prospects, so what do they really think?" Sponsor A Who? What do they want with me?" Terry Anzueto, Sponsor A Scholar Class of 09' shares with us his early impressions of Sponsor A Scholar.


For volunteer opportunities with Sponsor A Scholar and all the agencies involved in our First Summer Of The Rest Of Your Life campaign, follow this link. Also, you can get to know Terry a little better a few posts below!

Produced by: Adam Carr