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Don't Sleep On... The Dark Monk

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Marcus Doucette here...try'na link you with some of the freshest, lyrics-driven hip hop I've heard all...well, all week. On Monday, I picked up the latest album from The Black Monk, True Underlord. It just hit streets in late March and I peeped it on a recommendation I got from a friend who likened it to Das Racist or Homeboy Sandman with a MF Doom-ey vibe. Tickled my rap bone is what comparisons like that'll do for me. He was right; this is smartly disturbing hip hop with an un-popsmanlike approach to the game. Comparisons to the aforementioned MF Doom are appropriate give the fact that this particular masked villain graduated from MF Doom's Metal Face Akademy and like Doom, crusades incognito. This is for the headz, beats are popping...