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Event: J Todd: A One Man Act

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One of Milwaukee's prolific artist/producer J Todd(Def Harmonic, Leo Minor, Innerstance Beatbox, etc.)is putting on a one man show at the Cactus Club this Saturday, March 22nd. Here the details from his MySpace blog:

So I’ve been beatboxing...among other things. I have a show coming up and it’s going to be me and only me all by myself...well not if you count the several tiny audio computers that will accompany me onstage. So ok, it’s me who is still at least half human and uhhh, 3? No 5...yes 5 small yet powerful devices to organize and push electronic impulses into your brains as I sing about love, hate, rejection, astrology, anger, mental illness, the weather, and memory loss.

I’ve been doing some things with a loop station and it’s been real interesting...and humbling. But I figure even if I f*&k it all up it will put a little bit of organic error back into the otherwise glossy world of electronic music and these days it seems failure is the new success...although it may be more accurate to say accidental weirdness is the new normal. And there will be plenty of that I’m sure.

J Todd @ Cactus Club
Saturday, March 22nd
2496 S. Wentworth
Milwaukee, WI

Check out this video from our 1 year anniversary party featuring new music from J Todd's Leo Minor