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Extra Extra

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Maybe y'all are starting to get where my gist is jabbing. Namely that Tuesdays are all about videos and simply sharing some music that is exciting to me that I/we may not know that much about. Today, I was in the record shop and spotted this cd for the second time rather randomly. To me, that's a sign, or at least sign enough for me to buy it. There was something cheesy about the cover of the cd, which in its own particular way seemed to suggest a cd that just barely got made. As if this music was important enough to record even if they just barely had the resources to do so and had to skimp on the cover art. Totally typical of African music, and usually an indicator of something interesting inside.


And what could be inside a cd like this by Extra Golden? And what's with the guy with the coonskin cap? Many questions and the only thing I could determine was that the cd contained Kenyan music. Lucky I like music and though I'll never gamble in any casino and Las Vegas is a waste of my time, I'll gamble on some good music all day long. So how was it? Scorching.Right of the bat I could tell it was a fusion of Benga styles from Kenya and Rock. A style remarkable for the bouncy and fast guitar fingering style that sort of floats and yet drives the song forward and sounds quite happy doing so. Impressive stuff, and they even have a video for their song...


What can I say, I got lucky, these guys are a bit raw but this is pretty fresh.