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Feelin The Pinch : Underwater Dancehall

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Just want to share some music here from an album that has become my favorite release in any genre for the year. Young as that year is, I have found myself playing this awesome (and yet understated) album from an artist named Pinch called Underwater Dancehall(Tectonic). A seamless and sublime mix of music showcasing the growth of dubstep as a genre, as we find Pinch crafting music that find the future within the Now-- he has that elusive "It"-ness and all on his first album.

Underwater Dancehall features a number of singers and MC's from Juakali's raw dancehall cries, to the smooth-tempo R&B laced cuts featuring the honey-soul vocals of Yolanda, Pinch has crafted an album that is worth the money. Despite the price, he even cuts a spiritual and otherworldly dub with Sikhi singer Indi Kaur. This album is haunting and yet unpretentious enough for you to find you love it on many levels, almost inspiring poetry or rhyme within your mind, and is an easy repeater. Here is the video for "Brighter Day" featuring Juakali on the mic...enjoy.



Guru Amrit