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First featured length film on Youtube

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Four Eyed Monsters DVD CoverFour Eyed Monsters DVD Back Cover

I found about this on the jetsetshow video blog. The film is called 'Four Eyed Monsters' and it is the first full length film on youtube. It is film about the two filmmakers meeting online and establishing a relationship and creating this flick. The reason they released it on youtube was in hopes to get some kind of distribution to theaters. So if you like maybe ask your local theater to screen it. The two filmmakers even have video podcast at there site. You can also buy a DVD or high quality downloads. The film will be only on youtube until Aug 15th. Why don't y'all check it out and post your review here, and if you know of any theater that might be interested screening the film let them know. (Caution: Adult Situations and conversations-i.e. not for the kiddies)