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"The First Summer of the Rest Of Your Life": Part Three | Shaqueda Jenkins

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Listen: On a stormy Saturday afternoon, I went to Shaqueda Jenkins' graduation/going way/birthday party in Macedonia Baptist Church on the north side of Milwaukee. I entered the building and the signs for the party ("PARTY THIS WAY!") led me to the basement of the church, where there were friends, family, a full spread of food, decorations, dancing, and a DJ! (While I'd been handed a paper invitation, apparently most of the guests were notified through Facebook -- very 21st century.)

After Shaqueda, her boyfriend, and I had a little taco salad, I talked to a few of Shaqueda's family members, asking them questions about Shaqueda's past, present, and future:


By the end of the interview with Shaqueda, we were both nearly in tears... or at least I was. The process of doing three interviews and producing three pieces for Shaqueda has met my expectations in many ways, but also held some wonderful surprises. As I reflect on Shaqueda's complete threesome of audio pieces from this summer, I'm left with curiosity about her next phase in life, but also the confidence that she has it all under control.

Produced by: Adam Carr