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"The First Summer of the Rest Of Your Life": Part Three | Terry Anzueto

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Listen: Down Vliet, right on 25th Street, over the Menomonee Valley, to Terry's house on the South Side. The bike ride to Terry's was not unsubstantial, which means I arrived a bit disheveled (read: sweaty, wearing an undershirt, with a button down still stuffed in my backpack). Normally, I take a few minutes to gather, make myself presentable, and mentally prepare before I knock or ring a doorbell for an interview. This time, I was caught off guard -- Terry, his father, his mother, and his brother were waiting on their porch! So, I sweatily smiled, waved hello, and let Terry carry my bike onto the porch (he's much stronger than me).

Terry's family was amazingly accommodating, offering me something to drink and making me feel perfectly on the porch with them. The following are some last minute ruminations from Terry and his father about college preparations, and beyond:


Terry's already a half-week deep into his college experience at UW-La Crosse! I bet football's got him sore already... Speaking of which, you can check out Terry this fall playing for UW-La Crosse (I have no doubt he'll make the team) this fall! Here's the schedule.

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Photo by: Flickr user malachite