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Future of Music: Blogs=Record Labels

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Those former MP3 pirates and stream-rippers are the new Clive Davis’s and Ahmet Erteguns - they have the ears for the new artists and a direct pipeline (read: feed) to perfectly matched audiences, around the globe." - Gerd Leonhard, Digital Music News

The major labels are on their last leg. What will replace the record label? The answer is really obvious. It will be the Music Blog. Bloggers will also replace the A&R as well. Check out this real cool article called Blogs will be Record Labels, and Bloggers willbe the new Music Moguls - Blog Js anyone?

Within 2 years, the leading music blogs will become what used to be called 'Record Labels'. The people running them will be those sharp, tuned-in, hyper-networked and resourceful BlogJs formerly known as bloggers. They will use their blogs as the primary attention channel (yes - attention really is the new distribution) and will dish up a complete, interactive and highly relevant multi-media experience that will include TV shows, chats, webcasts and games. Forget about 'websites' and browsers - the BlogJs will do it on all platforms and devices.....

BlogJs will attract an influential, engaged and proactive audience by flouting their charismatic personalities - indeed, these disruptors, thought leaders and influencers will be our future broadcasters. Like digital-age editions of 'analog' radio personalities such as the BBC’s John Peel (rip), these BlogJs will lead the way in matters of coolness, style, technology, gadgets, trends, politics, fashion and games, using new platforms like [fiction alert] Muserati, Digggster, Musicious, Lovenotion, MyDace and many others. And yes, many of them will be from China, India, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia or Mozambique. Goodbye anglo-centric blogoshere...

What do you think the future of music is?

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