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Got Kuti's...?

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Speaking about dynasties earlier in the week brought to mind another "first-family" of the music world-- Fela Kuti and his own prodigious brood of talented kin. For those of you that aren't in the loop about Fela Kuti read this clever article from the Guardian Observer Monthly... . Fela Kuti is to World music as towering a figure as Bob Marley. Often hailed as the James Brown of Africa , he with the talents of his drummer Tony Allen, invented Afrobeat. Like Marley, he stood for many of the same things: African unity/pride, anti-coruption and the needs of the People just touch on their congruences.

It should come as no surprise that, following Fela's death in 1997 the world would begin the process of getting to know the talents of sons that sound eerily like their father. Just as Damian, Stephen and Ky-mani Marley rise to rule the roost that Bob built, literally building up from the popularity that has continued with "classic" status; Fela Kuti's sons are doing the same.

First there was Femi, who rang the bell, let everyone know that Afrobeat no go die. And here I've got an interview followed by a live performance of "Teach Me No Nonsense" from father Femi:




and then there's his oldest son Femi talking about his father's death and a video from a live performance:



And not to forget Seun Kuti, who performs with Fela's band Egypt 80 and for many, is the image of his father in sound and body. This nice video is froma live show in the capital of Senegal, Dakar on Africa's westernmost coast.


I guess dynasty means family for bith the Marley's and the Kuti's.


Guru Amrit Singh