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Jahcoozi Anyone?

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The group's sound has been described as consisting of abstract electronic beats within ragga, hip-hop, blip-hop, re and electronica-- and that only begins to describe what is a visceral experience pulsating with a feeling of freshness, these cats are special.
In 2003 Jahcoozi starting playing on the Berlin underground circuit and made a name for themselves with their live performances. The trio's debut ‘Fish’ EP which came out on the Berlin club label WMF Records in July 2003. After John Peel played Fish on his BBC radio show and the De-Bug listed the EP as one of its favourites, Jahcoozi were invited to play at Marke B, a Berlin music festival. The band has also opened for Big Dada Soundsystem, Aphex Twin, DAT Politics, Chicks on Speed, Airborn Audio, Kevin Blechdom, Jamie Lidell, Tiefschwarz and Mocky.

While that's their history, their future is looking bright on the heels of their latest release Blitz N' Ass. Since I really have no proof other than my own feeling and some videos, let me show you what I mean...


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